Tirupampuram Seshapureeswara swamy temple :

God and Godess :

  • Seshapureeswara Swamy ,
  • Bramarambikai,
  • Lord Brahma ,
  • Gangadevi ,Lord Sun ,Lord Moon,
  • Nagadevatha.

Location :

Tirupampuram Seshapureeswara temple,
Tirupampuram / Thirupamburam,
Kodavasal (Taluk),
Tiruvarur district – 612203

Timings :

  • Morning 7:00AM – 12:30PM
  • Evening 4:00PM – 8:00PM.

Temple History :

Arulmigu Seshapureeswara temple is the most ancient and powerful temple located at Tirupamburam in Tiruvarur district of Tamilnadu. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity in this temple as Seshapureeswara Swamy, and his consort Goddess Parvathi Devi is also giving darshan here as Sri Bramarambika Amman. Lord here is Swaymabumurthy in the temple. This is the most ancient temple in this region, where the temple belongs to 1000AD. Rahu and Ketu are not separate but in one body praying to Lord Shiva.As divine serpent lost his poison power due to Lord Shiva;s curse prayed here and got back the power. Hence, it is believed that people who had lost anything valuable in their life will get it back by praying to Lord Shiva here. It is said that snakes may be sighted in the temple on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays as they would be worshipping the Lord these days, according to belief. This temple has the combined reputation of the temples of Tirunageswaram, Nagoor, Keelperumpallam, Kalahasthi and Kumbakonam. This is a remedial temple-Parihara Sthalam- for all adverse planetary aspects, according to Puranas.

It is also noteworthy that Rahu and Ketu are not individually separate from each other as in other temples, but are in one single body with Lord in their mind. Those worshipping Lord and Mother together as one entity-Shivashakti-in this temple are assured of all benefits and peace in life.

As per the history of this temple, when Lord Vinayaka offered His pranams to His father Lord Shiva, the snake around Shiva’s neck grew proud that Vinayaka was worshipping him too. Angry Shiva cursed the whole snake community that it should lose its power-viz. their poison power. All the Ashtama serpents-eight great serpents- appealed to Lord Shiva that it was not fair on His part to curse the whole community for the wrong committed by a single one and they also sought pardon for the snake that grew proud.Lord Shiva told them that the Ashtama Nagas, Aanandhan, Vasuki, Dakshakan, Karkodakan, Sangabalan, Kuligan, Padman and Maha Padma and others headed by the divine snake Adishesha may come to Tirupamburam on Maha Shivratri day when they will be pardoned and relieved of the curse. The place has one more history too. In a tough fight to decide their prowess, Vayu broke mountains with all his power. But Adisesha checked Vayu by preventing them from going to pieces. Angry Vayu stopped the supply of oxygen to lives threatening their end. Adishesha gave in to Deva’s appeal to save the world and left the contest. He came to Tirupamburam, worshiped Lord Shiva seeking His pardon.

Festivals :

  • Mahasivarathri ,
  • Rahu – Ketu Peryachi ,
  • Navarathri festival ,
  • Rahukethu Peyarchi is Celebrated as big function every one and half year (18 month).
  • They are considered the strongest of all the nine planets.They also reveal your greatest gifts and darkest fears.Rahu compels.You to experience the karma that you are due and Kethu brings about detatchment but usually throught pain.Lakhs people get together and pray for their problems.

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Kala Sandhi pooja – 7:30AM – 8:30AM.
  • Uchikkala pooja – 11:30PM – 12:30PM.
  • Sayaratchai pooja – 5:00PM – 6:00PM.
  • Ardhajama pooja – 7:00PM – 8:00PM.
  • Astottara Archana – Rs.5/-
  • Milk Abhishekam – Rs.10/-
  • Sri Rahu – Kethu Doshaparihara Nivarthi – Rs.140/-
  • Annadana Nankondai 100 members Ticket – Rs.2000/-
  • Sri Rahu – Kethu parihara Homam – Rs.5500/-
  • Dosham Pooja ,
  • Adisesha pooja.

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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  • Kodavasal – 26.00 km
  • Kumbakonam – 27.00 km
  • Karaikkal – 30.00 km
  • Tiruvarur – 32.00 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

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  • Tiruvarur – 32.00 km
  • Koradacheri – 34.00 km

Nearest Airports :

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  • Coimbatore International Airport,Coimbatore – 317.00 km
  • Tirupati Airport,Renigunta – 388.00 km

Photos of the temple :