Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha temple :

God and Godess :

  • Sri Vallabha swamy
  • Goddess Selva Tirukozhundu Nachiar
  • Padappadu and Karunattukavu remain and Alumthuruthy 
  • Sudarsanamurthy

Location :

Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Temple / Sree Vallabha Maha Temple,
Thiruvithamkoor Devaswom, Kavumbhagam,
Vallabhapuram, Thiruvalla,
Pathanamthitta district – 689102

Timings :

  • Morning – 4.00 am to 11.30 am
  • Evening – 5.00 pm to 8pm

Temple History :

It is well known for every devotee of Kerala about Tiruvalla Vallabha Temple. Lord Maha Vishnu is the presiding deity in this temple called as Sri Vallabha Swamy. The name Thiruvalla is a colloquial form of Sreevallabhapuram, named after the chief deity Sree Vallabha. The ancient name of Thiruvalla was “Valla vai”. This name had some relation with the river Manimala which was known as Valla Puja, suggesting that Thiruvalla was at the mouth/bank of river Manimala and hence was known as Valla vai.

Thiruvalla was under the rulership of Ay, Nantuzhainadu, Thekkumkoor and Thiruvithamkoor dynasties. The main idol Sree Vallabha was sculpted by Viswakarma at the behest of Lord Krishna and was given to Satyaki at the end of Dwapara Yuga. Towards the end of Dwapara Yuga, Lord asked Garuda to keep the idol in safe custody and accordingly, Garuda kept it in Netravati river which flows from Karnataka to Kerala. Later, the royal consort of Cheraman Perumal – the emperor of Kerala had a dream that the idol of Krishna was lying on the bed of Netravati river. All efforts were taken to search the idol of the lord. At last, the idol was discovered from the Bhadra Harada of Netravati river in B. C 59. Cheraman Perumal has built a temple at Thiruvalla to install the idol of Lord Vallabha. The Prathishta (installation) ritual was conducted on the 14th day of Edavam in B.C 59.

This temple is the biggest temple in this region with a compound of more than 8 acres. The huge compound wall is 12 feet high and 562 feet long (on one side). There are four gopuras (in Kerala architecture style)facing four directions. Among the four gopuras, 3 are opened every day and the north gopura will be opened only on Uthrayanam day in Meenam. While entering through the main gopuram the devotees will first see the three storied Garuda Madam. Inside this Garuda Mandapam, there are a 53.5 feet high and 2.5 feet wide granite dwaja. A granite dwaja was carved out of the single piece and was installed here in B.C 59 as an offering to Lord Sree Vallabha by Queen Cherumthevi, the wife of Cheraman Perumal. At the time of installation of the dwaja, Garuda appeared himself at the top of the dwaja. This dwaja till remains as a wonder. Later the dwaja slanted. So a structure called Garuda Madam was constructed to support the dwaja. It was designed by the legendary Perumthachan. He made a 3 feet high Pancha loha(5 metals) Garuda Vigraha (idol) to install on the top of the dwaja. This was the original dwaja of this temple and later a separate golden dwaja was installed in between Garuda Madam and the Balikkalppura on 14th May 1970.

There is a pond at this temple called Ilavanthi theertham and is located at the north-east corner of the temple. The Sreekovil (Garbhalaya) is circular in shape with copper covered conical roof. Lord Sree Vallabha facing east and Lord Sudarsana facing west are installed in the same Garbhalaya(Sreekovil). Along with Sri Vallabha Swamy in this temple There are 8 sub deities gives a great darshan in the same temple premises. The sub deities in this temple are Lord Varahamoorthy, Lord Vadakkumthevar, Maha Ganapathy, Garuda, Lord Sastha(Ayyappa), Kurayappan Swami, Ayal Yakshi, Maya Yakshi and Dakshinamoorthy. Shrines for Vadakkumthevar and Vishwaksena are inside the Nalambalam and shrines of Sastha, Ganapathy and Kurayappan Swamy are outside the Nalambalam. Varahamoorthy and Dakshinamoorthy shrines are in the main Sreekovil of Sree Vallabha.

There is a rule for devotees who are going to make darshan of Sree Vallabha in this temple. The rules are as follow – first offer prayers to Ganapathy, Sastha, Bhagavathy and Kurayappan swami outside the Nalambalam. Then visit Ilavanthi Theertham and offer prayers to Sage Vyasa. Then offer prayers to Sage Durvasa and then to Garuda at the top of the dwaja. Then enter inside the Nalambalam and offer prayers to Vishwaksena, Dakshinamoorthy and reach Infront of the Sree Kovil. Then offer prayers to Lakshmi Devi, bhumi Devi, and Lord Sree Vallabha. Then start the Pradakshinam inside the Nalambalam and offer prayers to Lord Sudarsana in the west nada. Women are not allowed near the sanctum sanctorum(Garbhalaya) – except on the Vishu and Thiruvathira days. Elephants are not permitted inside the temple compound. The ten-day long annual festival is in Kumbham with Kodiyettu on Pooyam day. Arattu is performed in Manimala river at Thukalassery Kadalimangalam Kadavu. On Arattu day Sree Vallabha visits Lord Mahadeva of Thukalassery Temple.

Festivals :

  • Uthra Sree Bali
  • Thiruvonam 
  •  Thirunaal chirappu
  • Makara Sankrama
  • Ekadasi Festival

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Offerings Time – Offerings
  • 4.00 am Palli Unarthal
  • 4.30 am Nirmalaya Darshanam
  • 5.00 am Abhishekam
  • 7.00 am Usha Pooja (First Pooja)
  • 9.00 am Pantheeradi Pooja (Second Pooja)
  • 11.00 am Ucha Pooja (Third Pooja)
  • 11.30 am Ucha Shiveli and Temple closes
  • 5.00 pm Temple Opening
  • 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm  Deeparadhana
  • 7.00 pm Naalaam Pooja (Fourth Pooja)
  • 7.30 pm Ancham Pooja (Fifth pooja)
  • 8.00 pm Athazha Shiveli & Temple Closes

Nearest Temples Around Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha temple :

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  • Chirakkadavu Mahadeva temple – Kottayam district – 41.00 km
  • Erumeli Sri Dharmasastha and Petta Sasthavu Temples – Kottayam district – 41.00 km
  • Iravimangalam Sri Suryadeva Temple – Kottayam district – 49.00 km

Nearest Bus Stations :

  • Thiruvalla – 2 km
  • Chengannur – 10 km
  • Changanassery – 12 km
  • Mavelikara – 18 km
  • Pullad-Kumbanad – 15 km
  • Pathanamthitta – 34 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

  • Tiruvalla – 4 km
  • Changanassery / changanasseri – 10 km

Nearest Airports :

  • Trivendrum – 126 km
  • Cochin – 118 km
  • Calicut – 252 km
  • Kannur – 359 km
  • Coimbatore – 286 km
  • Tiruchirapalli 358 km
  • Mangaluru 274 km

Photos of the temple :