Palakkunnu Bhagavathi amman temple :

God and Godess :

  • Iliya Bhagavathy
  • Dhandan
  • Ghandakarnam
  • Vishnu Moorthy
  • Gulikan
  • Moovalamkuuhi Chamundi and of Padinhatta Chamund

Location :

Palakkunnu Bhagavathi Temple
Palakunnu village, Bekal, Near kasargod ,
Kasaragod district-671318

Timings :

Morning – 6 AM to 9 PM.

Temple History :

Palakkunnu Bhagwati temple is the most famous Temple of Northern Kerala is a well known cultural and spiritual center of the region, situates in Kasaragod District. Temple situated at a distance of 3 km away from the Bekal Fort, the international tourist center. The Temple is located on the side of Kasaragod- Kanhangad State Highway. Goddess Bhagavathy is the main deity. Bhagavathi is worshiped in two forms as Matha Bhagavathi (Durga) and Elaya Bhagavathi(Goddess Saraswathi Devi). Besides these two Goddesses, Lord Maha Vishnu, Ghanta Karna, and Dhandan Devan are the other deities. Apart from these main Gods and Goddesses, there are sub-deities, which are included also in the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple. They consist Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi and of Padinhatta Chamundi.

The famous festival of the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple is ‘Bharani Maholsavam’. This festival is normally held in March. Another festival Maruputhari, is held in the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple during December – January. People belonging to different religions irrespective of their caste, creed, and belief visit the Temple to offer their prayers to the deities. The festivals of the Temple are being celebrated by the active participations of the entire society. There is no bar to any caste or race to visit the Temple. The Temple is very famous for the rarest traditional customary rituals and ceremonies.Few other festivals such as Kalam Kanippu Maholsavam and Poorolsavam have held also at this temple.
From the numerous festivals, which are held for Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy in the temple, the Bharani Maholsavam festival is the mainly significant. The Bharani Mahotsavam becomes compared with the “Thrissur Pooram”. It begins next one on that day after at the beginning of the Arattu Festival at the Trikkanad temple. This is because Trikkanad temple straight some kilometers of the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple. It is another renowned place of worship. A single rope is used by both the temples for the purpose of Dwajarohanam [Kodiyettam]. The Bharani Festival culminates in Aayirathiri Utsavam. The area where these temples are situated falls under the authority of the Udma Panchayat and Chemnad Panchayat. They provide plenty of offerings to the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy Temple.

The Bharani festival culminates in Ayirathiri Utsavam.The sparkling fireworks and competitive colorful procession(Kazcha) from different areas are the highlights of this festival. The divinities the close convenient temple is taken to the temple in a procession (Kazhcha) for the period of the festival time. After the procession, there is a wonderful announcement of the fireworks.These victims are carried with large joy and enthusiasm in a procession. These deliveries consist expensive jewelry and of cash money also. Therefore the Palakunnu Sree Bhagavathy temple of one of the richest temples is with Kerala.During the festival, the people carry multicolored dresses and celebrate the festive tendency are perceptibly from the faces of the young and old alike. A bright announcement of the fireworks is another characteristic of this festival.The temple has jurisdiction over the ranges Pallikkere Panchayath, Udma Panchayath, Chemnad Panchayath and Kolathur of the village of Bedadka Panchayath.

Festivals :

  • Bharani Maholsavam (February/ March)
  • Poora Mahotsavam
  • Thengayeru

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Archana
  • Abhishekam
  • Kumkumarchana
  • Alankarana
  • Pushpalankarana
  • Special poojas

Nearest Temples Palakkunnu Bhagavathi amman temple :

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Nearest Bus Stations :

  • Kanhangad – 16 km
  • Kasaragod – 12 km
  • Payyanur – 48 km
  • Nileshwa – 27 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

  • Kanhangad – 14 km
  • Kalanad – 7 km
  • Kasaragod – 12 km

Nearest Airports :

  • Cochin – 345 km
  • Calicut – 199 km
  • Kannur – 107 km
  • Coimbatore – 365 km
  • Bangalore – 398 km
  • Mangalore Airport – 71 km

Photos of the temple :