Narthamalai MuthuMari Amman temple :

God and Godess :

Muthu Mariamman

Location :

Narthamalai MuthuMari Amman temple
Narthamalai (Village), Annavasal(Taluk),
Pudukottai district-622101,

Timings :

  • Morning 6:00AM – 11:30PM.
  • Evening 4:30PM – 9:00PM.

Temple History :

Narthamalai is a cluster of small hills, is 25 km from Tiruchi on the Tiruchi-Pudukottai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Here can be seen some of the oldest rock cut cave temples, as well as the longest rock-cut edicts, similar to Asokan edicts and extremely rare in the south of India.The two rock-cut temples are classic examples of how temple architecture styles were fusing in different parts of the country.The Amman idol in the temple is believed to have been found at a place named Keelkurichi 4 miles far from Narthamalai in a field and brought here by a priest in the place. A small temple was built then. Later, one Malayammal from the Tiruvannamalai Zameen extended this temple with her own funds and celebrated festivals which are continued now.

Temple’s Speciality: A Yantra with Lord Muruga influence sculpted in stone and fixed on the northern wall of Ambica Shrine is considered very powerful and blessing. Devarishi Narada performed penance in this place. The hill has a wealth of herbal plants.

Greatness Of Temple: Narthamalai is surrounded by other hills, Melamalai, Kottai Malai, Parayar Malai, Uvakkan Malai, Aalurutti Malai, Pommadi Malai, Mann Malai and Pon Malai, thus in the shape of Onkara. Every hill has a story behind it. These hills are believed to be the bits that fell here of the Sanjeevi mount carried by Sri Hanuman to save the lives of those dead during the Rama-Ravana war. These are hills with a wealth of herbal plants.

Temple History: The Muthu Mariamman in the Narthamalai temple blesses the devotees abundantly in a seated position. Since the name of the place is Narthamalai, the Goddess is also known as Narthamalai Muthu Mariamman. The “Perungalur Sthala Puranam” says that since the Veda Rishi Narada did penance in the mountains here, the place came to be known as Naradhamalai. As days passed by, the name evolved as ‘Narthamalai’. Between 7 AD and 9 AD, the place which was a part of the Pallava kingdom had been under the direct control of the Thanjavur Mutharaiyar kingdom. In the first part of the Ponniyin Selvan Tamil novel, the Pazhuvoor fighters who mock Vandhiya Devan’s horse belong to the same Mutharaiyar lineage. In the 9th century, Narthamalai came under the Chola empire after Vijayalaya Chola defeated the Mutharaiyars.

It is also believed by some that centuries ago, the Traders who were also known as ‘Nagaratthaar’ received the temples, ponds belonging to the temples, subsidies, and aids from the kings and governed them efficiently. Apart from preserving the place, village development schemes and collection of taxes were done by them and thus they secured a very good name. Therefore this place was prosperous and became a wealthy, business trade capital where business flourished.Particularly, a Vanigar Kuzhu [ business group ] called ‘Naanadhesatthu Ainnootruvar’ had been the head office of the business community. Hence the people called the place as ‘Nagaratthaar Malai’ to honor them. It is also believed that this name evolved as ‘Narthamalai’. There are more than 80 hills in the surroundings like Melamalai, Kottaimalai, Kadambarmalai, Paraiyarmalai, Uvakkanmalai, Aaluruttimalai, Bommaadimalai, Ponmalai, Manmalai and so on.

During the war between Rama and Ravana, Hanuman brought the Sanjeevi Mountain from the North to bring back the soldiers who died in the course of the war to life. As Hanuman was bringing the mountain some fragments fell onto the ground and they are the Narthamalai hills. It is also believed that therefore these Narthamalai hills still have some rare herbs which could cure many incurable diseases.

A village called Keezhakkurichi is 4 km away from Narthamalai. A priest living in this village while walking through a narrow path in the middle of the farm everyday stepped on something in a particular spot and he stumbled and fell down. So, with the help of the people working on the farm, he dug into the ground and unearthed a beautiful Amman idol. Immediately, he heard a divine voice. It instructed him to build a temple for the idol in the foothills near the temple for Lord Shiva.It said that thus the people of the village will be saved from disease and infirmities. Accordingly, the people have built a small temple and placed the idol there. The villagers say that since the people have been living healthy and resistant to diseases like smallpox, the Amman is called as Muthu Mari. The villagers say that the Muthu Mariamman residing in Narthamalai became famous because of Malaiammal. Malaiammal was born to a Zamindar family in Vetta Valam, a district near Thiruvannamalai.

When Malaiammal was young, she was affected severely by smallpox. The zamindar brought Malaiammal to the temple and left her at its entrance and went away. On hearing the cries of the little girl, the Amman blessed the girl and cured her of the disease. Malaiammal had spent her entire life in the temple, cleaning the shrine and meditating before the Amman. Muthu Mariamman blessed and glorified Malaiammal.Malaimmal gave ‘Arul Vaakku’(prediction the future) to the devotees who came there with sufferings and worries and her Vaakku became true. Many devotees came from different places to worship Muthu Mariamman and to get ‘Arul Vaakku’ from Malaiammal. Malaiammal extended the temple premises. Soon, Narthamalai became a famous temple. The Malaiammal Sannidhi is near the temple. Every year, a group of people from Vetta Valam worship Malaiammal here by offering Pooja and ‘Bali’. [Animal Sacrifice].

Festivals :

  • Vaikasi (Ammavasai pooja),
  • Aadi(Aadi peruku),
  • Avani (Kumbhabhishekam) ,
  • Purattasi (Navaratri pooja will be celebrated 10 days) ,
  • Aippasi (On deevali special poojas will be done),
  • Karthigai (Deepam),
  • Margazhi(Mangalya pooja),
  • Maasi (Mahali Amman saattu) ,
  • Thai (Magara pooja) ,
  • Panguni (Thiru there will be celebrated sor yearly once .Thousands of devotees will attend this grand celebration and get blessings from arulmigu karuvalur mariamman)

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Archanai – Rs.5/-
  • Milk kaavadi – Rs.10/-
  • Sugarcane cardle – Rs.10/-
  • Special entrance – Rs.10/-
  • Hair donation – Rs.5/-
  • Earing – Rs.25/-
  • Child – Rs.50/-
  • Special entrance – Rs.50/-
  • Abhishekam – Rs.100/-
  • Pushpa sottu – Rs.5/-
  • Marriage ticket – Rs.250/-
  • Maavilakku – Rs.1/-
  • Poothattu – Rs.1/-

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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Nearest Railwaystations :

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  • Keeranur – 10.00
  • Pudukottai – 20.00
  • Tiruchirapalli – 43.00

Nearest Airports :

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  • Chennai International Airport,Chennai – 346.00 km
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  • Cochin International Airport,Cochin/kochi – 386.00 km
  • Trivandrum International Airport, Thiruvananthapuram – 399.00 km

Photos of the temple :