God and Godess :

  • Sri Akkare Mahadeva (Lord Shiva)
  • Ikkare mahadeva

Location :

Kottiyur Akkare and Ikkare Mahadeva Temples
Akkare and Ikkare Mahadeva temples,
Kottiyoor / Kottiyur, Near Kelakam, Peravoor Taluk,
Kannur district – 670651

Timings :

3.00AM – 9.30pm

Temple History :

Kottiyoor or Kottiyur is an ancient Hindu pilgrim center dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi in Kannur district, Kerala. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this temple. The temple is situated on the beautiful Sahya mountain range valley and is blessed with abundant natural beauty. The temple is situated on the bank of The Bavali river. On the northern side of the river bank, there is a small lake known as ‘Thiruvanchira’ and here in the midst of this lake is this temple sans temple. Lord shiva here gives darshan in the universal form Shiva Linga. The Shiva linga here believed to be a ‘Swayambhu'(Self Manifested). The small heap where this Shiva linga is worshiped is known as ‘Manithara’. In the same lake, there is another heap ‘Ammarakallu’ where Sree Parvati Devi is worshiped. This way, at Kottiyoor you get the blessings of both Shiva and Shakthi. Kottiyoor is also known as Kudiyoor, Dakshina Kashi. Here in Kottiyoor, there are two temples – Akkare Kottiyur and Ikkare Kottiyur, located on the opposite banks of Bavali river. Akkare Kottiyur is open during the Kottiyoor Vaisakha Maholsavam festival only.

Mythology: As per the mythology of Kottiyoor Sri Maha Deva temple, Daksha is the son of Brahma and one of the Prajapatis. Sati, the consort of Lord Shiva was the daughter of Daksha. Sati had married Lord Shiva against the wishes of her father Daksha Prajapathi. The vain Daksha performed a great Yagna/ Yaga(with the sole aim of insulting Mahadeva), to which he invited all of the gods and goddesses except his son in law Lord Shiva. Against Shiva’s wishes, Sati attended this Yagna and was insulted by her father. Unable to bear this insult, Sati Devi immolated herself in the Yagna fire. Enraged at the loss of Satidevi, Shiva opened his third eye. Then appeared Veerabhadra with 1000 arms and carrying weapons in each hand. He destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice and cut off Daksha’s head. Since the Yaga was stopped, the Gods feared that many difficulties may arise in the future. The Gods along with Brahma and Vishnu went to Kailasa and sought Shiva’s help. Shiva was pacified and all of them reached the Yaga place and restored the Yaga. The dead were brought back to life. Daksha’s head was destroyed in the Yaga fire and was replaced by a goat’s head. Daksha pleaded to Shiva for his arrogance and was given Moksha.

After the Yaga, everyone went back and Lord Shiva took the form of the Swayambhu linga next to where Sati immolated herself in the yagna fire. Since all the Tri Moorthy’s met together at this place, it was known as Koodiyoor (In Malayalam koodi means to meet or join). Koodiyoor became Kottiyoor. So Kottiyoor is believed to be the spot of the ancient Dakshayaga.

Festivals :

  • Vaisakha Maholsavam
  • Neyyattam
  • Bhandaram Ezhunnallathu
  • Thiruvonam Aradhana
  • Ilaneer Veypu
  • Ashtami Aradhana, Ilaneerattam
  • Revathi Aradhana
  • Rohini Aradhana
  • Thiruvathira Chathussatham
  • Punartham Chathussatham
  • Aayilyam Chathussatham
  • Makam Kalam Varavu
  • Thrukkalassattu

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Pushpanjali – Rs. 8.00
  • Aayiram Kudam – Rs. 15.00
  • Thumba Maala – Rs. 10.00
  • Koovala Maala – Rs. 10.00
  • Chethi Maala – Rs. 8.00
  • Thulasi Maala – Rs. 8.00
  • Koothu – Rs. 30.00
  • Choroonu – Rs. 30.00
  • Aal Roopam Samarppanam – Rs. 8.00
  • Thiruvappam – Rs. 15.00
  • Aadiya Neyyu – Rs. 15.00
  • Kalabham – Rs. 50.00
  • Ganapathi Homam – Rs. 40.00
  • Elaneer Abhishekam – Rs. 15.00
  • Theertham – Rs. 5.00
  • Swarnakudam Samarpanam – Rs. 750.00 (book in advance)
  • Vellikudam Samarpanam – Rs. 400.00 (book in advance)
  • Deepasthambham Enna – Rs. 351.00
  • Deepasthambham Neyyu – Rs. 750.00
  • Valiya Vattalam Payasam – Rs. 7500.00
  • 1/2 Vattalam Payasam – Rs. 5000.00
  • 1/4 Vattalam Payasam – Rs. 3000.00
  • If you would like to offer Swarnakudam samarpanam or Vellikudam samarpanam, you should book the offerings by one day advance.
  • Prasadams
  • Pushpanjali    
  • Aayiram Kudam    
  • Thumba Maala    
  • Koovala Maala    
  • Chethi Maala    
  • Thulasi Maala    
  • Koothu    
  • Choroonu    
  • Aal Roopam Samarppanam    
  • Thiruvappam    
  • Aadiya Neyyu    
  • Kalabham    
  • Ganapathi Homam    
  • Elaneer Abhishekam    
  • Theertham    
  • Swarnakudam Samarpanam (book in advance)
  • Vellikudam Samarpanam (book in advance)
  • Deepasthambham Enna    
  • Deepasthambham Neyyu
  • Valiya Vattalam Payasam    
  • 1/2 Vattalam Payasam    
  • 1/4 Vattalam Payasam  

Nearest Temples Around Kottiyur Akkare Ikkare Mahadeva temple :

  • Pulpalli Seetadevi temple – Wayanad district – 47.00
  • Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple – Wayanad district – 52.00 km
  • Cherukkunnu Sri Annapoorneswari Temple – Kannur district – 77.00 km
  • Alakode Arangam Mahadeva Temple – Kannur district – 81.00 km

Nearest Bus Stations :

  • Mattannur – 41 km
  • Peravoor – 17 km
  • Kelakam – 7 km
  • Iritty – 31 km
  • Mananthavady – 23 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

  • Mahe – 63 km
  • Vadakara – 73 km

Nearest Airports :

  • Cochin – 273 km
  • Calicut – 128 km
  • Kannur – 42 km
  • Coimbatore – 280 km
  • Bangalore – 324 km

Photos of the temple :