Kappatralla Koulutla Chennakesava swamy temple :

God and Godess :

  • Koulutla Chennakesava swamy
  • Kasi Visweswara swamy
  • Lakshmi devi
  • Vijaya ganapathi

Location :

Koulutla Chennakeshava swamy temple
Kappatralla (village) , Devanakonda (Mandal)
Guntur district – 518465

Timings :

06:30 AM to 08:30 PM

Temple History :

Koulutla Chennakeshavaswamy temple located in Kurnool district, Devarakonda Mandal, kappatralla reserved forest. Once upon a time the king Parikshith who is the grandson of Pandava king Arjuna ruled Hastinapura. One day parikshith went for hunting to forest. He was thirsty and around to find water. He found a saint and asked him water but the saint didn’t response. Parikshith was frustrated. He put a snake around the neck of the rushi. Then rushi cursed Parikshith that the king would die of a snake bite with in a week. Parikshith died at the hands of Nagaprince of Takshak.

After that parikshith die janamejaya became the king. He wanted to take revenge on the death of his father, he performed sarpayaga. To redeem the sin of killing of snakes during sarpayaga janamejaya followed vasista’s word. He consecrated Chennakeshava idol in koundinya Ashram to perform poojas. one day Koulutla who was cow herd keeper observed that one of the cows. Letting her milk flow to the anthill. The Lord Chennakeshava came to dreams of Koulutla.

The diety was popularly known as Koulutla Chennakeshavaswamy. There are other shrines at this temple are Mallikarjuna, Vinayaka, Viswanatha temples.

Festivals :

  • Brahmotsavam
  • Vinayaka chaturdhi
  • Mahasivaratri
  • Dasara
  • Rathotsavam

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Archana
  • Sahasranamarchana
  • Astottaram
  • Abhishekam
  • Deeparadhana

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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Nearest Railwaystations :

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Nearest Airports :

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Photos of the temple :