Kalasa Sri Kalaseswara swamy temple :

God and Godess :

  • Kalasheswara swamy
  • Saravanaga devi
  • Hanuman
  • Venkata ramana
  • Ganapathi
  • Sri chandranatha swamy

Location :

Kalasa Kalaseswara swamy temple,
Kalasa, Mudigere Taluk,
Chikkamagaluru district – 577124,

Timings :

  • Morning 7:30Am to 1:00PM
  • Evening 3:30AM to 8:30PM
  • During Shivarathri and Girija Kalyana , Rathotsava days temple will opend Day & Night.

Temple History :

Kalasheswara Temple is situated at a distance of 8 km from the most famous and powerful temple of Sri Adisakthyatmaka Annapoorneswari Ammavaru, Horanadu in Mudigere Taluk, Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. Kalasa is a historical place in India. It is at the bank of Bhadra river. In Puranas, This kalasa is mentioned in the Skandha Purana. The word Kalasa is original as Kalasha in Sanskrit. Which means ” a water pot or a jug”. This Kalasa is around by the Bhadra river on three sides with the Duggappana Katte hill on the south side. This Kalasa contains five major water spots, within an approximate distance of 8 kilometers from the town. These are known as” Pancha Teerthas(Five sacred water)”. Each Teertha associated with a Myth drawn mostly from Hindu puPuranas. The five Theerthas are Vasishta Theertha, Naga Theertha, Koti Theertha, Amba Theertha, and Duggapan Theertha.

The temple of Sri Kalaseswara Swamy is just half an hour away from Horanadu. This is a temple on a hill, in the foothills of which flows the Bhadra River in Karnataka. This place seems to be a picnic spot, as it was filled with people even in may when there wasn’t that much water in the river. One has to climb a few steps to get to the temple.

At the entrance of the temple are the statues of two elephants, regarded to be Ganesha and a she-elephant, his wife. It is believed that there was an Asura, to kill whom, Ganesha descended on earth. The magical Asura took the form of a tree, and Ganesha assumed the form of an elephant to uproot him. Seeing the struggle, a she-elephant in the forest came to help, and along with Ganesha succeeded in uprooting the tree and putting an end to the Asura. Since he had touched the she-elephant during the fight, Ganesha married her, and decreed that she should take her place by his side at this place. Both the elephant statues look identical, except that the male one is depicted as trampling the Asura beneath his foot. The idol of Sri Kalaseshwara, a lingam, is believed to be Shiva who manifested himself in a Kalasam, a vessel in which water is kept, to the great rishi, Agasthya.

The five Theerthas are :

  • Vasishta Theertha
  • Naga Theertha
  • Koti Theertha
  • Amba Theertha
  • Duggapan Theertha

Festivals :

  • Girija Kalyana ,
  • Kalasa Rathotsavam ,
  • Venkataramana swamy
  • Rathotsava
  • Mahashivaratri
  • Karthika pournami

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Mangalarathi – Rs.5/-
  • Astothara – Rs.10/-
  • Sahasranama – Rs.50/-
  • Nandadeepa – Rs.30/-
  • Ekavara Rudrabhisheka – Rs.160/-
  • Ekadasha Rudrabhisheka – Rs.400/-
  • Shatha Rudrabhisheka – Rs.750/-
  • Chikkaranga pooja – Rs.250/-
  • Prakarostava – Rs.1500/-
  • Ekavara Rudrahoma – Rs.4000/-
  • Maharanga pooja – Rs.1000/-
  • Kshirabhisheka – Rs.100/-
  • Ekadasha Rudrahoma – Rs.7500/-
  • Tulabhara seva – Rs.200/-
  • Mruthyunjaya japa – Rs.20/-
  • Prasada(Asking Prasada) – Rs.20/-
  • Tirtha snana – Rs.20/-
  • Kayi Cheeti – Rs.1/-
  • Satya narayana pooja – Rs.1000/-
  • Deepostava – Rs.1500/-
  • Mosaranna Naivedya – Rs.100/-
  • Mrutyunjaya Rudrahoma – Rs.5000/-

Nearest Temples Around Kalasa Sri Kalaseswara swamy temple :

  • Horanadu – Annaporneshwari – 8km
  • Halluvalli – subrahmanya temple – 6km
  • Kuduremukha – Mountain – 20km
  • Sringeri – Sharadambe temple – 65km
  • Kigga – Rushyashrunga temple – 70km

Nearest Bus Stations :

  • Kadur
  • Mangalore
  • Hassan
  • Shimoga

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Nearest Airports :

  • Mangalore
  • Bangalore

Photos of the temple :