Kadayam Vilvanatha swamy Temple :

God and Godess :

  • Nitya Kalyani Amman
  • Bilwa Vananatha swamy
  • Lord Vinayaka
  • Lord Subramanya swamy

Location :

Kadayam Vilvanatha swamy Temple,
Tirunalveli / Tirunelveli district-627415,

Timings :

  • Morning 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Evening 5:00PM to 8:00PM

Temple History :

Sri Vilvanatha Swamy Temple is located atKadayam, in Ambasamudram Taluk of Tirunelveli District, is thus far not projected well although it has much historical importance. It has the famous Nithya Kalyani Ambal temple which finds a place in Kapila Puranam and also Sage Sundaramurthy Nayanar has sung in praise of the Goddess. King Dasaratha Maharaja has worshiped at the Nithya Kalyani Ambal Sametha Vilvaranyeswarar temple for getting progeny. Apart from this, there is also the powerful Sastha temple on the Western Ghat forest hill.The name “Kadayam” is a variant of the term “Kedayam”. “Kedayam” is a form of a war shield. It is a legend among the inhabitants of Kadayam that, hundreds of years of ago, a Goddess called Nithya Kalyani, the reincarnation of Goddess Parvathi showed her ‘Rudra swaroopa’ (personification of rage) at the villagers for pursuing material values at the cost of performing their religious and dharmic duties. The Goddess’ anger manifested itself in the form of successive deaths of the priests who were to perform the Daily Puja for Her. After the deaths of seven priests on seven successive days, the villagers begged the Goddess for forgiveness.

History: As per the legends about this Temple,tThe area around the place where we see the Nithyakalyani Ambal temple now, was once upon a time, a forest with Bilwa trees.The King of Ayodhya Sri Dasaratha Maharaja was moving through ought Bharath and praying at almost all the temples spotted by Him for getting his progeny. Thus he chanced upon the “Bilwa” forest at Kadayam, and while moving into the forest, he found a “Swayambu Lingam” and prayed to Lord Shiva. Thus this Lord was named as “Bilwa Vana Nathar”(Lord of Bilwa forest). This name over a period of time became Sree Vilvaranyeswarar and his consort Nithya Kalyani Amman. There are stone inscriptions, which says that Nayakar’s of Madurai developed this temple. Bilva tree is sthala vruksham and theertham is Chakra theertham, around three hundred years old. If one breaks the Vilva fruit from the sthala vruksham, one can find a Lingam shaped formation inside, which cannot be seen in any other Vilva fruit. The main Raja Gopuram is seven stairs with three Prakarams. It is said that Goddess Nithya Kalyani was very powerful and the poojas performed in the temple during earlier periods were not perfect as desired by the Goddess. This led to a lot of mishappenings, resulting in the people staying away from visiting and praying at the temple. A Brahmin from Sringagiri who was well versed with Veda did Santhi i.e. propitious ceremonies for the Goddess, resulting in some of her powers passing into the Peetham and a new sanctum was constructed facing south. The Goddess has been bestowing wealth, happiness, well-being and Anantha Kalyana Gunas to the people who worshiped and also those who performed poojas for her. From then on, she came to be known as Nithya Kalyani. (One who bestows well-being to everybody).

There is a Pushkar on the small hillock known as Sarabanga Mamuni Sunni theertham. There is a Mani mandapam where we see Natarajar with Sivakami Amman, and also other deities like Sri Chandrashekara and Sri Soundara Nayaki, Sri Dakshina Moorthy, Somaskanda Murthy. The inscriptions on the temple walls say that Parivaara Devadhas have installed in the year 1216 AD. The temple is still older and finds a mention in Kapila Puranam. Sage Sundaramurthy Nayanaar has sung a Couplet in praise of the deities.

Festivals :

  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Margali Thiruvathirai – 10 days
  • Chithirai Chariot festival – 10 days
  • Thai Chariot festival – 15 days
  • Theppam festival – 1 day
  • Navarathri
  • Thiru Karthigai
  • Thai Amavasai
  • Aadi Amavasai
  • Sivaratri
  • Kanda shashti

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Thiruvanandhal pooja – 7:00AM
  • Vila pooja – 8:00AM
  • Kala Sandhi pooja – 9:00AM
  • Uchikalam pooja – 11:00AM
  • Sayaratchai pooja – 6:00PM
  • Arthajamam pooja – 8:00PM

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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Nearest Railwaystations :

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Nearest Airports :

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Photos of the temple :