Dindigul Srinivasa Perumal temple :

God and Godess :

  • Srinivasa Perumal ,
  • Alamelumangai ,
  • Damodara Vinayaka swamy ,
  • Navaneetha Krishna ,
  • Lord Chakratazhwar , Lord Hanuman.

Location :

Dindigul Srinivasa Perumal temple,
Taluk Office road , Malaikotta Adivaram , Begambur ,Dindigul (City),
Dindigul district-624001,

Timings :

  • Morning 6:00AM – 12:00PM.
  • Evening 4:00PM – 9:00PM.

Temple History :

Arulmigu Srinivasa Perumal Temple is located near Rock Fort, at Dingugul.Lord Sri Mahavishnu is the principle deity of this temple.Among the three deities Brahma, Vishnu, nd Maheswara, Lord Vishnu the Protector god of the world took 10 avatars(Dasavatara’s). In this kali yuga Era, Lord Vishnu raised as Srinivasa perumal in Dindigul district and provides the boon to the people who come and worship him and also protects all the devotees. The presiding deity in this temple is located under the Lotus shaped ceiling(Padma Vimanam).There is also separate shrines for Lord Damodara Vinayaka, Navaneetha Krishna and Navagraha’s in the same promises of the temple. Sri Vaishnava Acharyas Nammazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar, Sri Ramanuja graces the devotees as procession deities. Festivals and Poojas occur often in this temple. This is an ancient temple surrounded by huge walls. To the front of the temple stands Garuda statue and to the South of Garuda statue, a temple for Vinayagar is located. Vasantha Mandapam is located to the front of Gaurudalwar sannithi. In this Mandapam Dwarabalkargal, Alwars are there. The `Vaikunda Ekadasi’ festival was celebrated with religious fervor at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. Hundreds of devotees took part in the festival celebrated at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple near rock fort. After special pujas, the Lord mounted on Garudazhvar and reached a separate hall near the main mandapam for darshan. The Utsavamurthy was kept in the mandapam throughout the day for darshan.

History: According to the history of this temple Some devotees, seeking for the darshan of the Lord Sri Mahavishnu, performed a Yagna here. A demon was causing troubles to them from performing the Yagna. In response to the devotee’s prayers, Lord appeared there and destroyed the demon. He was too furious at that time.Then the devotees prayed to Mahalakshmi to quench the fury of the Lord and the mother obliged the devotees. Both graced the devotees by staying there itself. Later, a temple was built here for the Lord Mahavishnu with Sridevi and Bhoodevi as His Consorts with the name of Srinivasa.Since from the day of installation of this temple Lord here have been worshipping with Nitya Pujas.Devotees from many regions arrive here and worship’s Srinivasa Perumal with most devotion and participate’s in special Pujas.

The temple is situated at the foothill of Dindigul Malaikottai with gooseberry trees representing the grace of Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Wealth. It is also considered equal to Tulsi leaves attributed to Lord Vishnu. A place graced by the Lord and the Mother. For removal of an obstacle in marriage efforts and for the removal of the Doshas caused by the anger of ancestors, people worship the Lord with gooseberry leaves. Lord Srinivasa appears with his right hand towards the sky and the left pointing to the earth. Gomatha (worshipping the cow) puja is performed on Fridays with Thirumanjanam when turmeric and milk are given as Prasad to devotees. It is believed that women joining the puja will ever be Suvasinies and girls get a happy match. With the determination of getting the Lord Himself as her husband, Sri Andal took up fasting worship in the Margazhi month (December-January) known as Paavai Nonbu in Tamil, sung 30 sweet verses in praise of the Lord celebrated as Tiruppavail in Tamil Vaishavite literature. A Lamp Puja is performed all the 30 days of this month. During these days, the Garland placed on Andal is then placed on the Lord representing the greatness of Andal as Choodikodutha Nachiar

Festivals :

  • 1.Chithirai Month : Chithirai pournami function is celebrated during this month in The temple for 2 days.
  • 2.Vaigasi Month : Vasantha urchavam is celebrated during this month in this Temple for 10 days.
  • 3.Aani month : Aani function is celebrated during this month for 13 days.
  • 4.Aadi Month : Aadi pooram is conducted in Andal temple.
  • 5.Krishna Jayanthi: this festival celebrated on Avani month.
  • 6.Puratasi month :Puratasi Saturday and Navaratri festivals conducted this month.
  • 7.Aipasi month : Deevali is celebrated this month.
  • 8.Karthigai month : Karthigai deepam festival celebrated in this month.
  • 9.Margali month : Pagal pathu and Rapathu is celebrated for 20 days with Arayar
  • Service .the 11th day is celebrated as vaigunda Yegathasi and on That particular day early Morning paramapatha vasal opening Function is celebrated.
  • 10.Tai Month : The 1st day is celebrated as Tamil new year and Tirumanjanam, Alangaram as a part of it.
  • 11.Masi Month
  • 12.Panguni Month : Sudarshana homam and Gubera Lakshmi homam are done Early morning. Perumal tirukalyanam celebrated on Uthira Nakshatra.
  • Every month Special Poojas are done on Rogini ,
  • Thiruvathirai pooram ,
  • Thiruvonam moolam ,
  • Pournami days.

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Kalasanthi pooja – 7:00AM.
  • Uchikala pooja – 12:00PM.
  • Sayaratcha pooja – 7:00PM.
  • Tirumanjana pooja(Every Friday) – 6:00AM (For Alamelumanga).
  • Tirumanjana pooja(Every Saturdayday) – 6:00AM (Anjaneya&Chakrathalwar).
  • Vishnupathi Punyakala pooja – (once in 3 months) ,
  • Thiruvilakkuvalipadu – 6:30AM (Everyday of Margali month),
  • Astothiram – Rs.2/-
  • Sahastranamam – Rs.5/-
  • Thirumanjanam – Rs.10/-
  • Marriage fee – Rs.150/-
  • Mandapam Booking fee – Rs.1200/-
  • Photo – Rs.25/-
  • Video – Rs.50/-

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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Nearest Railwaystations :

Dindigul – 3.00

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  • Chennai International Airport,Chennai – 408.00 km

Photos of the temple :