Dindigul Kalahastheeswarar Gnanambigai temple/ abhirami temple :

God and Godess :

  • Kalahasteeswara swamy ,
  • Gnanambigai Amman ,
  • Abhirami Amman ,
  • Padmagiriswarar ,
  • Nandarajar ,
  • Lord Vinayaka,
  • Lord Murugan.

Location :

Dindigul Kalahastheeswarar Gnanambigai temple or abhirami temple,
Abhirami amman temple, Kalahastheeswarar temple,
Chennai – Teni highway , Begambur ,Dindigul (City),
Dindigul district-624001,

Timings :

  • Morning 6:00AM – 12:00PM.
  • Evening 4:00PM – 9:30PM.

Temple History :

Sri Kalahastheeswarar Gnanambigai temple & Abhirami temple are located at Dindigul city in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu.These are two temples one located on the top of the Hill and the other at the bottom of the Hill.These are the most famous and ancient Hindu temples.The temple at the top of the hill is Sri Kalahastheeswarar temple where Lord Shiva is the presiding deity in this temple as Sri Kalahastheeswarar, Padmagiriswarar..According to the history of this temple, Lord Brahma performed penance in this place about Lord Shiva for relief from an evil effect-dosha- he was suffering then. Lord gave him darshan from a Lotus-Padma- tank. Hence, Lord Shiva is praised as Padmagiriswara. He marched on a demon Dindimasura. At the very sight of Lord, the demon became good and surrendered at His feet. As requested by Him, Lord agreed to make the place known after his name as Dindeeswaram.Later, the demon invaded Devas who fell at the feet of Lord of Padmagiriswara. As a token of their gratitude to Lord, the Devatas installed a Shiva devotee Dharmabala as the king of Dindeeswaram and left the place. He built a temple to Lord Padmagiriswara on the hill top. During the rule of the Moghuls, people brought down Lord and Ambica to the ground temple as procession deities in the present Kalahastheeswara temple. They showed equal respect and importance to both Shivas and Ambika’s. Dindeeswaram later came to be known as Dindigul.This is a hill temple.

Arulmigu Abirami Amman Temple is a holy place situated in Dindigul. This is one of the important ‘Shivasthalam’ where you can find Badmagiriswarar – Abirami Amman and Kalahastheeswarar – Gnanambigai Sannithi’s.There was no shrine for Ambica at the beginning. As per the history of this temple, Mother Kali came here to destroy a demon named Analan and was very furious. Lord Shiva softened goddess fury and married Her. She looked very alluring then and therefore, was named Abhirami Ambica.Though a Shiva sthala, Goddess Ambica occupy a prominent place. The temple is popularly known as Abhirami temple. The name Abhirami contains auspicious Mantra letters. Worshipping Mother in the name of Abhirami, naturally, the devotees chant this Mantra bring them manifold blessings.

The greatness of Kalahastheeswarar temple: Varuna the God of Rain lost his job due to a curse by Indira. He prayed to Lord Shiva here and got back his job. Those who had lost their jobs pray to Lord here on their birth star days or on Poornima-full moon days offering Rudrabisheka and Samba rice nivedhana to regain the job. Those aspiring promotions also follow this worship.Sage Vishwamitra offered a heavy wage to a Brahmin named Sumedhan for participating in his yajna. The Brahmin was still greedy and demanded more. To teach him a lesson, the sage cursed the Brahmin to become a deer. He also told the animal that it would get back its original form by worshipping Lord Padmagiriswarar in this place.There is a shrine for Lord Varadaraja Perumal in the prakara facing north, a direction said to be very auspicious and prosperous. People pray here seeking prosperity. Sri Anjaneya having His shrine separately in other temples or before the Lord graces the devotees so close to Perumal Himself in the shrine, a respect to His Bhakti. On the Vaikunta Ekadasi day, Perumal passes through the entrance of Mother Abhirami as there is no special Sorga Vasal – entrance to Paradise for Perumal in the temple. It is said that He uses this entrance with liberty as the Brother of Mother Abhirami.

Festivals :

  • Chithirai : Chithirai Peruthiruvizha will be celebrated 12days this month Chaitra pournami urcharam function will be celebrates.
  • Aani : Aani Thirumanjana thiruvizha will be celebrates.
  • Aadi : Sandhana kappu Abishegam will be celebrate on mother Ambiga and Abirami of all Friday.
  • Aavani : Vinayagar chaturthi will be celebrate.
  • Ippasi : Kandahar sasti Kavasam will be celebrate on 6 days of this month.
  • Karthigai : Karthigai Thiruvizha will be celebrate in this month.
  • Margalai : Thiruvilaku poojai will be celebrate in this month.
  • Maasi : Special Valipadu for Arulmigu Nandarajar.

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Astothiram – Rs.3/-
  • Abhishekam – Rs.25/-
  • Thaligai – Rs.5/-
  • Mandakapadi – Rs.75/-
  • Normal Days (Entry) – Rs.2/-
  • Function days (Entry) – Rs.5/-
  • Special Anangaram – Rs.50/-
  • Ghee Deepam – Rs.1/-
  • Milk ,Curd ,Illaneer – Rs.1/-
  • Paneer ,Malai ,Sadhupadi – Rs.1/-
  • Gold Kalasam Sadhupadi – Rs.101/-
  • Marriage Kattnam – Rs.201/-
  • Marrage Stage – Rs.250/-
  • Marrage Photo Coverage – Rs.51/-
  • Marrage Video Coverage – Rs.101/-

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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  • Palani – 57km.
  • Oddanchatram – 28km.
  • Vadipatti – 35 km.

Nearest Railwaystations :

Dindigul junction – 3km

Nearest Airports :

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Photos of the temple :