Chinnamanur Arulmigu Sivakami Amman udanrai pula Nandeeswarar temple :

God and Godess :

  • Pula Nandeeswarar swamy
  • Sivakami Amman
  • Lord Vinayaka
  • Kalabhairava swamy

Location :

Chinnamanur Sivakami Amman pula Nandeeswara temple,
Chinnamanur(Town), Nandeeswarar temple,
Theni district – 625515,

Timings :

  • Morning 6:00 AM to 12:00PM
  • Evening 5:30PM to 8:00PM

Temple History :

Sivakami Amman pula Nandeeswara temple is located at Chinnamanur, which is a town in Theni district in the state of Tamilnadu.Lord shiva is the presiding deity in this temple as Sri Pula Nandiswarar.Mother Parvati is as Sivakami Amman in this temple.This is the most famous temple in South India where there are thousands of devotees from many regions of South India arrive here and worship Mother Sivakami and Lord Pula Nandeeswarar with special pujas.This is an old temple with great architecture, armor which repels the Hindava dharma’s specialty.Shivalinga in the temple is a Swayambumurthy with a cut scar. Mother Sivakami is seen with a face ever sweating. The great marvel of the temple is that the Lord looks as tall as the view or bhakti of the devotee.This makes every devotee surprize. The symbol armor is seen on the body of the Lord showing that a king embraced him once.It is believed that if the bones of the dead are dissolved in Surabi river, they become stones, according to belief.

History: The king Rajasimeshwaran a very pure devotee of Lord Shiva, became exuberant and realized that it is some play of the almighty and rushed to the place. The king was astonished seeing the vibrant energy of the lord standing from sky to land and raised his hands above his head, pleading in the namaste posture told, “Siva Perumane”. “Oh lord, you are so energetic, vibrant, luminous and I am flabbergasted looking at you. All my power and potentials are underneath your foot. Eshwara, how can I worship this marvelous, spectacular appearance of yours. Kindly come down to the level of common people as we always seek your eternal bliss”. By these humble words of the king, Lord Shiva comes down to the same height of King Rajasimeshwaran in the form of a lingam, as worshiped everywhere. The king becomes so glad that the Lord himself has accepted his worship and hugs the lingam tightly.

As soon as he hugs the lingam, the love and warmth melt the lingam and the ornaments worn by the king get embossed on it. These embossed ornaments are seen even today. A temple was then constructed by the king with the lingam as the deity in the middle, named as ‘Thiru Poolanandeshwarar Sivakami Amman temple’, Sivakami wife of lord Shiva who is commonly known as Parvati. Even today, in the temple, the lingam is traditionally worshiped with deep aradanai (tradition of showing lighted lamp to the idol). The aradhanai shows the reflections of the embossed ornaments of king Rajasimeshwaran on the lingam.

The deity has various other names like, ‘Palkonda naadar’ meaning, the lord who asked for milk; ‘Alavodu alavanavar’ meaning, the lord who came down for the humble request of a true devotee; ‘ Tazhuva Kudaindavar’ meaning, the lord who was compassionate to the hug of an honest king and a true devotee. The deity is also named after the king as Rajasimeshwarar.This shows that Lord shiva will always give darshan to the devotees who worship him with pure devotion.

Festivals :

  • Chithirai (Theerthavaari Chithirai peruvizha)(15 days Chithirai festival)
  • Vaikasi (Visha Natchathiram,Thirumurugan paal Kudavizha)
  • Aani (Aani Thirumangala vizha)
  • Aadi (Mulakoothu thirunaal,Amman Thabasu)
  • Avani (Pututhiruvizha,Virahu vitral festival)
  • Puratasi (Navaratri Festival)
  • Ipasi (Kandhasasti ,Annabidekam)
  • Karthikai (Thiru Karthikai festival)
  • Margali (Aruthara Darshinam,Padi Alathal festival)
  • Thai (Theerthavari ,Thaipoosa theapam festival)
  • Maasi (Sivaratri)
  • Panguni (Panguni Uthiram)
  • Special pooja Conducted at respective Natchathiram for 63 Nayanmargal

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Thirupalli Ealuchi – 6:00AM – 6:30AM
  • Vizha pooja – 8:00AM – 8:30AM
  • Kaala Sandhi – 9:00AM – 9:30AM
  • Uchakalai pooja – 11:00AM – 11:30AM
  • Sayaratchai pooja – 5:30PM – 6:30PM
  • (Athajamam)Pallaiarrai poojai – 7:30PM – 8:00PM
  • Oneday Aarukala poojai for one person is Rs.6000/- Prasadam also given Archanai Ticket – 5/-
  • Neivedyam – 20/-
  • Abishegam – 50/-
  • Marriage Ticket – 500/-

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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  • Uthamapalayam (Mahatmagandhi) – 8.00 km
  • Cumbum/Kumbam – 17.00 km
  • Theni – 25.00 km
  • Periyakulam – 39.00 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

  • Bodinayakanur – 24.00
  • Theni – 24.00

Nearest Airports :

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  • Pondicherry Airport – 437.00 km

Photos of the temple :