Chidambaram Anandeeswara swamy temple :

God and Godess :

  • Anandeeswara Swamy
  • Soundaryanayaki Amman
  • Durga Devi
  • Lord Anjaneya
  • Lord Surya And Chandra
  • Dakshinamurthi
  • Sage Patanjali
  • Lord Kannimoolaganapathi
  • Lord Murugan

Location :

Chidambaram Anandeeswaran Temple,
Chidambaram, Anantheeswaran temple,
Cuddalore district – 608001,

Timings :

  • Morning 6:00AM – 11:30PM
  • Evening 5:00PM – 8:30PM.

Temple History :

Sri Anandeeswaran Temple is located in Chidambaram town in Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu state.Lord Shiva is the presiding deity in this temple giving darshan as Sri Anantheeswaran/Anandeeswara Swamy.This Temple is one of the oldest temples in this region.Also, there are other gods Sri Anjaneya, Lord Kannimoola Ganapathi, Lord Muruga with Valli and Deivanai, Gajalakshmi, Saneeswara (Saturn), Navagrahas are installed in this temple in different shrines(Sub temples).On the Shiva Prakara, there are Vallaba Ganapathi, Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lingodhbava and Lord Brahma are situated.The specialty of this temple is Sage Patanjali is placed near Lord Nataraja. The sage comes in procession on Aani Tirumanjanam and Margazhi Tiruvadhirai.Devotees from different regions of Tamilnadu arrives here and worship Lord Anandeeswara with special pujas and get relieved from many doshas’s.Those who afflicted by Naga dosha(snake aspects), those seeking name and fame in education and arts pray to Sage Patanjali. They pray to Chandikeswara for royal status and Kanimoola Ganapathi for prosperity. Those who had missed Tarpan to their ancestors(Pitru Tarpanam) and facing their curses pray to Lord Shiva(Anantheeswara), Sun and Moon for remedy. Those seeking a good match for their daughters pray to graceful eight-handed Mother Durga offering saris in yellow color.

During Ramavatara, Patanjali accompanied Sri Rama as Lakshmana. As he was born in Pushya-Poosam star, special pujas are performed to Patanjali on the star days. He accompanies Lord in procession on Margazhi Tiruvadirai Festival day. As he is the author of Yoga Sutras, those studying and practicing this art, worship him in the temple for gaining proficiency in the art. Some of the pillars in the temple carry sculptures of this art. Those afflicted with Naga doshas and seeking excellence in Yoga art worship the Rishi.The temple is situated just behind Chidambaram Sri Nataraja Swamy temple. Patanjali theertham is just at the entrance. Left of this holy spring is the shrine of Lord Raja Chandikeswara. People pray to Lord Chandikeswara for royal status. The temple is respected as a Nitya Amavasya – daily new moon – shrine. it is believed that all Shiva powers in the Shiva temples the world over confluence in Chidambaram. All the sages are worshipping the darshan of the Lord invisible at this time. They worship Lord Anantheeswara during the Uchikala puja and Lord Nataraja during the Arthajama Puja in the Nataraja temple performed at 10.00 p.m. Devotees are advised to follow this worship at both temples accordingly for God’s blessings.

History: As per the history of this temple Adisesha, the divine snake bearing Lord Vishnu in the Pala Samudra(Milk Ocean)-Tiruparkadal, once felt that His weight was more than normal. Lord Vishnu explained to Adisesha that He was enjoying the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva and the happiness added to His weight. Adisesha wished to enjoy this dance darshan. He was advised by Vishnu to go to Earth and worship Lord Shiva with Muni Vyakrapada at Chidambaram. Adisesha was born to Sage Atri and Anusuya couple and was named Patanjali. He came to this place called Thillaivanam in days of yore, created a spring, installed a Shivalinga. The Linga was named Anantheeswara(Anandeeswara) after the name of Adisesha. Patanjali also is called Ananthan. He gained his wish of Nataraja dance darshan.

Festivals :

  • Aani Thirumanjanam (jun – July)
  • Purattasi Navaratri Festival (sep – Oct)
  • Skanda Shasti (oct –nov)
  • Thirukarthigai (nov – Dec)
  • Margazhi Thiruvadhirai (dec –jan)
  • MahaShivaratri (feb – March)

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Archana
  • Abhishegam
  • Milk Abhishegam
  • Naga Dosha Pooja
  • Lord Surya Chandra Poojas
  • Yellow Sarees for Goddess Durga

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Nearest Bus Stations :

  • Chidambaram – 2.00 km
  • Sethiyathope – 20.00 km
  • Sirkali / Sirkazhi – 22.00 km
  • Mayiladuthurai – 44.00 km

Nearest Railwaystations :

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  • Sirkali / Sirkazi – 21.00 km
  • Mayiladuthurai – 44.00 km

Nearest Airports :

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  • Coimbatore International Airport,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 335.00 km
  • Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore – 422.00 km

Photos of the temple :