Chelamattom Srikrishna temple :

God and Godess :

  • Lord Srikrishna moorthy
  • Lord Narasimha
  • Vamana¬†
  • Lord Sastha

Location :

Chelamattom Sri Krishna Temple
Srikrishna and Narasimha temple, Dakshina kasi,
Chelamattam, Kovappady Taluk ,
Ernakulam district-683550

Timings :

  • Morning – 4:30 am to 10.30AM
  • Evening – 5:15 pm to 8 pm

Temple History :

The Chelamattom Sri Krishna Temple, which is located on the banks of Holy River Periyar, in between Perumbavoor Town and Kaladi the birth place of Sri Aadi Sankaracharya is one such holy place. On the right side of the Sri Krishna temple, the River Periyar flows towards east while it flows towards West in all other areas. The legend is that Sri Sankaracharya changed the direction of the river here to enable him to have morning rituals after taking bath in the river. Here in this temple, Lord Maha Vishnu has been consecrated in three forms, which is a unique feature at this temple. Those three incarnations od Maha Vishnu are Narasimha, Vamana, and Sri Krishna. The presence of the furious Narasimha helps devotees to remove all the evil spirits in them too.

Mythology: After killing Kamsa, Sri Krishna spent about sixty-four months in the Ashram of Saint Sandeepini to complete his studies. After finishing the studies, Sri Krishna asked his Guru Saint Sandeepini, what he should offer as Guru Dakshina, Then Guru Sandeepini told him that he was fortunate enough to be the guru of the person who is the real guru for the world. But Krishna was not satisfied with it and asked again what he should do. Then Sandeepini Maharshi requested Sri Krishna to return his son, who has died long ago drowning in the sea. Then Sri Krishna called Samudra Deva, the god of the sea and enquired about the incident. Then Samudra Deva told him that one demon with the name Panchajanan has brought the son of Guru Sandeepini and killed. He also informed that Panchajanan is living inside a conch in the deep sea. The Lord Sri Krishna entered into the sea and took the conch where the demon used to live(That conch(Sankam) is the famous Panchajanyam which Bhagavan Sri Krishna used during the war).

Then Sri Krishna entered in the Yamaloka, the world of the dead in his cosmic form. Seeing him in cosmic form, Lord Yama, the god of death scared and returned the son of Guru Sandeepini. He also freed all the dead people there at that time. Sri Krishna returned son to Guru Sandeepini. At the same time, all the other souls presented at Yamaloka at the time got salvation as they could witness the cosmic form of the god. Here in Chelamattom, the Krishna idol is in that form where Krishna exhibited his cosmic form in Yamaloka. That is the reason for people gathering here to offer rituals for the salvation of the souls of their dead ancestors.

History: It is believed that only the idol of Lord Narasimha was here initially. Once a group of people belong to Pulaya community, witnessed a box floating in the river. Rays of light were emitting from it. Then that People dived into the river to capture the box, but nobody could. It neither flowed down along with the current nor could anybody hold it. Surprised with this miracle, people informed the incident to Veliyakkol Namboodiri, a Brahmin staying nearby. Seeing the box Namboodiri jumped into the river swam across and brought the river to the bank. When he opened the box, everybody gathered there surprised to see an idol of Lord Krishna inside it. At first, the Namboodiri took that idol of Lord Krishna to his house, and placed at a sacred place and started performing rituals to Sri Krishna. Later on, he realized that this is a powerful idol and should not be placed inside the house. Hence he took it to the Narasimha Swamy Temple nearby, constructed another Shrine near to Narasimha Swamy and consecrated the idol there. Similarly, another Brahmin, Thottamattom Namboodiri has worshipping Vamana idol at his house.Later on, he realized that the lord is not happy to sit there. Hence he too took the idol to the Narasimha Swamy temple and consecrated the idol thereafter constructing another temple. Thus three incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu came inside the same Temple compound.

Festivals :

  • CHINGAM Ashtami Rohini
  • CHOTHI Annual festival in LordVamanamurthy temple
  • THIRUVONAM Arrattu
  • KANNI Vijayadasami Widyarambham
  • VRISCHIKAM DhanuMandala Pooja
  • MAKARAM Makaravilakku
  • PUNARTHAM Idol installation day of Lord Vamana
  • REVATHI Lord Srikrishna and Narasimha idols installation
  • CHOTHI Annual festival
  • THIRUVONAM Arrattu
  • MEDAM (1st) Vishu, Vishukani
  • KARKATAKAM Ganapathihomam, Bhagawatiseva

Ticket price for rituals, darshanams & special sevas :

  • Prathima Samarppanam – Rs 500.00
  • Namaskaram – Rs 15.00
  • Offering a nosegay of flowers (Pushpanjali) – Rs 10.00
  • Bala Oottu (Baby Feeding) – Rs 05.00
  • Vavuthilahavanam – Rs 15.00
  • Palpayasam (minimum) – Rs 45.00
  • Palpayasam (1 litter) – Rs 90.00
  • Oil – Rs 05.00
  • Mala – Rs 15.00
  • Thrimadhuram – Rs 15.00
  • Thrikaivenna – Rs 15.00
  • Koottupayasam – Rs 50.00
  • Vellanivedyam – Rs 20.00
  • Pizhinju payasam – Rs 100.00
  • Vachunamaskaram – Rs 40.00
  • Kalukazhichoottu – Rs 40.00
  • Ghee (for lamp) – Rs 15.00
  • Panakam (for Lord Narasimha) – Rs 10.00
  • Rohini Oottu (Lord Vamana) – Rs 75.00
  • Manjalpodi Adal (For Naga Yakshi) – Rs 20.00
  • Deeparadhana (For Lord Ayyappa) – Rs 401.00
  • Elluthiri (Lord Ayyappa) – Rs 06.00
  • Chuttuvilakku – Rs 1750.00
  • Ganapathihomam – Rs 50.00
  • Bhawatseva – Rs 100.00
  • Rakshas Nivedyam – Rs 25.00
  • Sarpa Nivedyam – Rs 25.00
  • Choroonu – Rs 101.00
  • Thulabharam (Thattupanam) (Items to be brought) – Rs 25.00
  • Murajapam Rs 6001.00

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Nearest Bus Stations :

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Nearest Railwaystations :

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Photos of the temple :