Bagali Sri kalleshvara swamy temple :

God and Godess :

  • Lakshmi narasimha swamy
  • Lord shiva

Location :

Bagali Kalleshvara swamy temple
Bagali (town), Harpanahalli Taluk ,
Dhavanagere district-583131

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Temple History :

The Kalleshvara temple was constructed by Demarasa, who was a Prime Minister of the Western Chalukya Empire King Somesvara I who reigned from 1042 – 1068 CE. The material that was used for the construction of the original temple is based on the soapstone. According to the historian Adam Hardy, the temple is close to main streams of the Western Chalukya architecture. The tower which is over the shrine is reconstructed recently.The temple’s construction history is related to the many theories. Based on the art historian Ajay Sinha, Bhimesvara-Demesvara, an old Kannada inscription, gives information about the genealogy of the Chalukya dynasty and refers to Vikramaditya VI as a kumara (prince). In another old Kannada inscription, from the rule of Vikramaditya VI, gives the information about the consecration of the temple by Udayaditya under the orders of Demarasa. The temple is protected as a monument of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The temple has two shrines, each with a Sanctum and a vestibule that connects to a common four pillared closed hall. In the original plan, a large “main hall” existed, connecting the closed hall to the outside of the temple, from the southern direction. Outside the main temple complex, an open hall (called Nandi mandapa) containing a sculpture of Nandi (the bull, a companion of Lord Shiva) has been converted into a shrine. The decorativeness of the court walls of the main shrine and its closed hall resembles the Chalukyan art. Projections and recesses with niches have been created and used skillfully to accommodate pilasters whose niches contain Hindu deities in relief, depicting the gods Indra, Shiva, his consort Parvati, Lakshmi and others. The eaves over the door of the temple have fine images of the Hindu deities Brahma, Keshava (a form of Vishnu) and Shiva. According to Sinha, the exhilaration of sculptural articulation seen here is actually a southern Karnataka Hoysala influence on Chalukyan architecture.

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